Street artist in the literal sense, Le H strides through Paris’ streets and vacant lots, paints walls, trains and subways and rapidly stands out publicly.

Beginner graffiti in 1989 alongside his cousin “Satane” in Sarcelles streets, the “H” is a pioneer in the northern Parisian Graffiti Scene. His personnal style is singularly different from the actors of these days who used to paint only letters.

The H from his earliest painting tried a calligraphic style all her good. Gradually the cat approached the rising Sarcelles’s rap scene who at the time including the “Ministère Ämer” and especially Stomy Bugsy.

His artistic path led him to the northern suburbs into the trains of the Paris metro where he practiced for nearly fifteen years. His talent and reputation allowed him to perform during the « Tag » Exhibition at LE GRAND PALAIS in 2009.

Claiming to be more Punk-based than Hip Hop, his style lies at the cross-roads of the Parisian’s Titi and the Chulos made in LA.

Hybrid artist and dermographer buckling down to illustrate canvases and textiles, Le H has been painting a capsule collection for FAITH CONNEXION reflecting a clash cool silhouette in line with neo-punk philosophy for for 4 seasons.

leh bw

He is also a cat lover :)